The dreamed world of Camélia Gardens

Perpetuating the transmission of exceptional know-how through presence that respects people and nature, cultivating the freedom and recognizing it is impossible to create anything without dreaming, our deepest aspirations lead us to a world that is gleeful, joyous, unexpected, and abundant with surprises. Thousands of stories hidden in floors of varnished wood, votive feasts that fairground summer nights in the gardens, singing flashes of color and scintillating emotions. We’ve dreamt up of the extraordinary and Camélia Gardens is all about the realization of dreams.

Charm is a Gesture 

We wish to offer a quintessential Camélia Gardens experience for our guests. Elegant landscaped gardens that look into Sintra’s heart and span to the Atlantic. Close to the historical center our elegant, minimalist spaces are soundproofed to create a world unto its own. Between earth and sky, Camélia Gardens is meant to keep you inspired and in-tune with Sintra’s old-world romance. Our métier is that of charm, and charm is a gesture.

Embracing cultures with grace and harmony 

Our fascination with all cultural events has never waned. Our wish is to embrace all different cultures with harmony and grace. We love to see every cultural event flourish, as we are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Collecting stories, emerging as an incubator for diverse events, from the finest seams down to their seminal design, events at Camélia Gardens are as immersive as the art and history behind them.