A Poolside Wedding In Sintra, Portugal: How To Create A Sensational Event

Planning a sensational event? A pool is always a great eye-catching feature that should be incorporated into your wedding right and with style. Wondering how to pull off a poolside celebration in a chic and elegant way, or how to employ your venue’s pool as the main decor feature? Camélia Gardens poolside wedding experts share useful insights. 


Decorating your pool is perhaps the main concern because a large water feature occupies a sizeable space of your venue. Decorate the pool with blossoming floats that echo with the rest of your décor. Florals hanging over the pool or right inside it looks awesome, while greenery can also be attached. Create spruce floating arrangements with blooms, candles or flower petals or use monograms to decorate the pool. 



Every pool should be illuminated properly to evoke emotions and excite your guests, especially after dark. There is something so unique about the elements of water and flickers blending. Use floating lanterns or put some candle lanterns to line up the pool. Festoon them all with greenery, florals or decorative pieces. 



Walk on water! Install a transparent aisle right on the surface for a dreamy feel. A poolside ceremony at Camélia Gardens can come with chandeliers for more lights, lots of florals and fluttering fabrics. The pool will perfectly reflect everything sparkling, soaking your ceremony into a swathe of romance. 



Depending on your wedding style and array of festivities, you can go from ghost seating to lavish furnishings that evoke old-world charm. Spanning floral installations, lounges for your guests, or a black and white combination are simply timeless. If you are true romantics who like warmer colours, coral and light blue seem to be the right choice. Blue hues will perfectly match the water element of your ceremony, while a coral one will contribute to the atmosphere of tranquillity and keep all guests in high spirits. 



Poolside festivities can never go wrong! Perhaps it is a Slim Aaarons cocktail party you are visualizing, or a timeless black-tie cocktail party for your selected guests. Even if you are planning on exchanging your vows indoors or in the gardens, or have selected a different party of your venue to serve as your reception area, your guests can mingle at the poolside cocktail hour following your alfresco ceremony. With balmy nights and Sintra’s skies filled with stars as the light goes down it is bound to be a magical time for everyone attending. Wish to start planning a poolside soiree at Camélia Gardens?