Things you need to know before you book your wedding venue in Portugal – PART 1

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you will make during the planning process. If you are planning a destination wedding in Portugal we’re perfectly certain you’re in the search for that special feeling of having found “the one”, but there are other factors to consider, before you book your wedding venue in Portugal. Asking all the right questions and taking a tour of the property will assure your celebration is exactly as you have dreamed of, and walking around your dream wedding location, it’s best to be on the lookout for these important aspects. 



This may sound too obvious, but when it comes to what you should be looking for in your Portugal wedding venue, this is of great importance. Make certain that the spaces are large enough to accommodate the number of guests on your list. The site may look vast when the premises are empty, however, wedding essentials, tablescapes, seating, the buffet bar, the band setting, and the dance floor will quickly fill the space. Your guests need elbow room to dine, to mix and mingle, to take in the beauty of your event and they will appreciate the thoughtfulness and you will be able to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. 



As you are standing in the space of your wedding venue, envision where your big-day activities can take place (especially if you plan on having a ceremony on the property). You don’t wish to compromise the flow of your events with odd shapes, other events taking part in the same grounds, odd locations or obstructions in your venue that block your guests’ views. Camélia Gardens always reccomends working with an event planning professional to help you understand the mapping out of your spaces. But if you would like to know more about how to style your receptions, click here.



The Privacy of an event is a very important factor in choosing your wedding venue. Do you wish for uninvited attendees to trek past your party ? If not, consider a more exclusive alternative like the lawn of a private estate, or a private manor. Banquet halls and hotels often hold more than one affair at a time. If there are other events going on simultaneously in nearby locations, you should be prepared for karaoke-loving guests, hot-air dryers in the bathrooms, or hotel guest bustle right next to your reception. 



Lighting opportunities can make—or break—the ambiance of your wedding venue. If you are having your wedding at daytime, double-check that your venue has plenty of windows. You do not wish to spend six hours in a dark room when the sun is bright. If you’re planning an evening affair, ensure the halls are not too dim—or that the lighting can be controlled for the big entrance, dinner and dancing. If are celebrating outdoors later in the afternoon consider if you will be able to set up candles or other lighting if necessary, that is exactly according to your wishes and not imposed by the hotel’s regulations. For this reason Camélia Gardens encourages visits to the property where you can view the sunlight streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows which completely transforms the indoor spaces. 



Your wedding venue will also serve as a backdrop to the events taking place, so to consider having a splendid view is of major importance. What will your guests be viewing as they enter? Whether it is the stunning vistas of Sintra’s rolling mountains, the Moors Castle, the ancient Convent and Pena Palace, Sintra’s Royal Palace, the ocean, or all of the above, a Portugal wedding venue with exceptional views and architectural beauty is a plus. When talking about views, consider the entire venue aesthetics, the artwork on the walls, the fine flooring and ceilings, the period decor, the amazing chandeliers, and the gardens that will all give your reception site that something extra. 


Need more insights to help you choose the perfect wedding venue in Portugal? Head to our next post on the Journal!