Things you need to know before you book your wedding venue in Portugal – PART 2

If you are planning a destination wedding in Portugal choosing your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions to make during the planning process. But before you book your wedding venue in Portugal, posing all the right questions and taking a tour of the property will assure your celebration is exactly as you have dreamed of. Camélia Gardens is delighted to provide you with precious insights on what to look for during your visit. 



Every special event or wedding comes with a specific palette or theme, so make sure that your venue’s existing, non-removable décor does not clash with your vision. The walls, the flooring, the curtains, the ceilings and the facade and outdoor spaces should not drastically conflict with your celebration’s ambiance or palettes. If you wish to host an elegant wedding reception in Portugal, a space with neutral colors Camélia Gardens is the perfect fit. 



Thoroughly checking around your wedding venue for plenty and functional power outlets is essential. You do wish to make sure that your entertainment crew has all the power they need to keep your wedding party going. Take note of all the electrical outlets in your reception area and supply them with more than enough extension cords they can use safely. Consider that some of your guests may wish to plug in their mobile device chargers during your celebrations, preferrably within a safe distance from the party. 



Consider the music and entertainment during your wedding celebration. Great acoustics is key to having a sublime soiree. Discuss with us how to better invest in your entertainment, so that your guests can enjoy a seamless experience. 



Not all wedding venues come with a good nearby parking location or an available street where it is legal and safe to park. If you are getting wed outside your venue in Portugal, consider that especially during the summer the streets are busy. Camélia Gardens private parking space comes with vallet services and security so you will not need to worry about wedding venue parking spaces in Sintra. 



No bride and groom may wish to even think about rain putting a damper during their outdoor wedding in Portugal. However a couple cannot look at venues without considering an alternative plan of action in case Mother Nature has other plans. Be it your ceremony or your wedding reception, figure out if your venue comes with an indoor space to use should the weather turn. Setting up an outdoor tent if your heart is set on an alfresco celebration is also an alternative but again the venue of your choice should be able to provide space enough. If you wish to see what Camélia Gardens spaces have to offer, visit our Receptions page.



Although a less glamorous one, this subject is a very important one. Checking out your potential venue’s restrooms is an absolute must. You wish to be certain there are enough to handle your guest count and that they are always looking pristine. If you or your guests require ADA-compliant bathrooms, make sure to confirm that your venue has them available.